Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Here come the girls!

The European Commission recently spent over £80,000 making this deeply sexist and insulting video:
In order to "encourage more girls to get into science".

The women (and some men) of the science faculty at Bristol University responded with this:
...which becomes even more hilarious the more times you watch it, so I just had to share the joy!


  1. I keep watching the one made by the Bristol group and love it more each time. Thanks for calling my attention to it.

  2. The spoof video is going viral. Has been covered by the Huffington Post, the Guardian Science, mediabistro and Jezebel so far.

    My favourite thing is a quote I saw in the Telegraph, in response to the original, sexist video:

    Dr Petra Boynton, a social psychologist at University College London, wrote: "For the love of all things holy what is this ****?

    Sometimes, you just gotta call a spade a spade!


    Just found out it also made The Telegraph! Which is awesome, but I just made the mistake of reading the comments, and now I hate people. So many either don't know the meaning of the word parody, or think they're clever by saying "psychologists? I thought you said that they were scientists!"


  4. I laughed until ... I cried.